How can you do sports despite the confinement?

Confined at home, it can be difficult to engage in physical activity. Fitness centers are all closed, outdoor walks are restricted, and even if it is still possible to go out and stretch your legs, in terms of sport you are quickly limited.

There is no question of letting yourself go and not moving, quite the contrary, it is even essential to maintain regular activity to strengthen your immune system and maintain your health.

Whether it’s cardio, muscle strengthening or stretching, there is a huge range of exercises you can do from home, with or without any equipment.

Here are a few onesq to keep you in shape!

Cardio and warm-up

To warm up properly, nothing is better than starting with some cardio exercises.

Rope skipping, lunges, squats, jumping jacks or knee jumps,… Vary the sequences so you don’t get bored.

If you’re looking to improve your performance, add some difficulties to your exercises! Tpo achieve this, the GMOVE-SUIT can be an excellent tool.

Indeed, the use of active compression allows to accelerate venous return and tissue oxygenation. Increasing the oxygen perfusion of the muscles is a factor in improving performance during high-intensity exercise sessions.

Learn more about the use of active compression.

GMOVE training & stretching:

Abdominal strengthening

To gain flexibility and strengthen your abdominal muscles, the abdominal board exercise is ideal because it allows you to use all the muscles of the abdominal belt: transverse, straight, oblique and gluteal muscles, but also to develop and stretch the posterior muscles: shoulders, shoulder blades, clavicles while stretching the hamstring muscles, arches and toes. A complete exercise, used in the Pilates method!

To complement your daily routine, you can use a Foam roller in your sessions. This equipment allows you to faithfully work the muscles and fascias in order to achieve a better athletic performance. This fibroelastic membrane requires as much training as the rest of the body, and BLACKROLL® rollers can be a great way to get them working.

 Photo credit: @mathewfras sur instagram

Strengthen your arms, back and pectorals.

Developed lying down, lifting from the ground, arm flexions and extensions, all these exercises allow a muscular reinforcement of the upper body, and are easily achievable at home.They generally require the use of weights but can also be practiced in iso inertial. This type of training allows the force generated in the concentric phase of the movement to be stored as kinetic energy in a flywheel. 

The harder the motion, the greater the force of the eccentric resistance. Due to the constant load, you can perform more than one exercise as you train your muscles more intensively and faster. The challenge is to stay balanced at the beginning of the eccentric phase. The use of an iso-inertial pulley like Kynett is ideal for strengthening tendons and ligaments, which can help prevent muscle injuries.

Kynett training :

Exercise the lower body

The « hip-bridge » is an easy exercise to do at home because it does not require the use of equipment. Suitable for beginners as well as for experienced users, this exercise allows you to effectively build and strengthen your gluteal muscles without the risk of injury. It also helps to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles.

It’s easy to do: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, then lift your buttocks as high as possible and rest them. Repeat the exercise several times.

To strengthen your legs, scissors exercise is a good complement to squats or lunges. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, raise your legs and do small beats. This sequence also helps to strengthen the abdominals.

These exercises can be done without any equipment. Your best ally for doing them is a good floor mat.

For optimal comfort, choose a foam mat that is foldable and easily transportable.

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